First Post


Studying. bleh

My name is Jenneh, most people call me Jenn.

I’m 21 and from the D.C. Metropolitan area or the DMV for short. I lived here majority of my life I guess, but that’s not important.

The reason I decided to make a blog is because I’m stuck. What do I’m mean by stuck you ask (or maybe you didn’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway)?

I’m going into my super senior year of college and I’m going to be graduating this December. I don’t know if it’s naive or not to think this way, however, I thought I’d have it all planned out by now. I thought the world would be in the palm of my hand or something…I don’t know.

I just switched my major last semester (Spring 2013) from Biology to Communications Studies, don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but at least I have a Bio minor.  And you know what else I can’t seem to find a job… Not even one of those degrading ones in the mall.

I’m not really the complaining type, these are just thoughts in my head right now…

I am fully aware that I’m not saying anything new and that millions of people my age or even older are going through the same thought process at this very moment. Like why is it so hard to find out what it is you want to do?

Anyway, I’m taking summer classes right now so I’m actually supposed to be doing work.

Hopefully I stick with this…eh.


K Bye,



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