The Last 30 Days: A Graduation Story


This is my new blog series that will document my thoughts and feelings (or lack there of) as I progress through my final days of Undergrad. I will write everyday  (as often as possible) because I’m trying to commit to stuff now because some one told that’s part of growing up. I don’t know if that’s true, but what’s the harm in trying and what’s a better way to start than my blog.  Any way, It’s one month till graduation.

DAY 30 (November 20th)

Milestone, that’s what this is! I never thought this day would come or more so that it would come so fast. This semester has been CRAZY, but I did it to myself. 6 or 7 classes that I’m taking? I never go to all of them, therefore, I never remember. None the less I’m doing fine. The semester flew by and I honestly can’t tell anyone what I’ve done or learned.

At the end of everyday I quit, but some how I always manage to return the next day. Some call it motivation, I call it motions. It’s just routine now.

As I look at the time running out on my countdown app…

I should probably be nervous. I should probably be looking forward to it. I should probably be reflecting on my experience or at least enjoying it while it lasts. I should probably be planning career moves. I should probably be doing homework.

I’m not doing anything.

I just want to be done.





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