The Last 30 Days: Day 29


DAY 29

I hate traffic. I live an hour away from campus. Waking up at 5 and on  the road by 6?  This can’t be life…

I didn’t think this commuting thing through. The only reason I chose to commute was to save money on room & board, but I didn’t include convenience in my calculations at all.

I wake up tired and go to sleep extra tired.

Come to think of it!? Commuting CANCELLED so many of my extracurricular activities. I have all morning classes and one miserable god awful  3 hour night class. By the time I’m done, I’m gone.

Commuters are the ghosts of college campuses. You know we’re there but you never see us.

The bright side of commuting?

Commuter Appreciation Days! I LOVE FREE FOOD. I’ll stay on campus for some free food, man.

Speaking of which the homecoming committee banquet is today! *Does the robot*




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