The Last 30 Days: Day 9/8


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DAY 9/8


3 exams. 10 page paper due today. Yup, it’s finals week.

I’m exhausted. I’m literally a week away from graduating but it seems so far because of all the work that still needs to be done.
I turned in 7 pages for that final paper. I have an A in that class too or I had an A…

Besides actual academic work, this party planning stuff is getting out of hand. My mother is SUPER excited (this is an understatement) and has every right to be. I am the youngest of three and first to get my degree. We all went to college, I’m just the only one to finish.

My 400 level Evolution course has truly run me down this semester. I have had all A’s and B’s this semester, except this class. This class is my struggle class this semester and it’s standing in the way of me having a minor. If I fail it completely I won’t be graduating. How could I tell my mother I’m not graduating?

All this snow and school delays and school closings aren’t helping either. Everything is backed up and professors aren’t compromising. Every assignment is important and every assignment must be done. I can’t even deal.
Everyday this semester I’ve quit. I keep saying that because it’s true.

I don’t even know what I’m doing after graduation. Haven’t look into grad school or a job at all really. I need to get my life together.

I’m supposed to be studying for my 8 am final right now and it’s 4am

Oh yeah! My new Brazilian bundlesย came in the mail today! Toooooo excited.




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