The Last 30 Days: Day 7/6


DAY 7/6

The weekend has always been my savior. I have no Friday Classes and I live for Thurfriday.

Thurfriday reminds me of that scene on ABC’s Once Upon A Time, when Peter Pan plays the pipe and all the lost boys run toward the music.

It’s just like that. Except that Thurfriday entrances me with the use of trap beats and techno music. It leads me to bars, clubs, parties, etc. and away from the hassles of the weekdays.

It’s finals week and here I am in the club throwing back shots of Ciroc and Patron. I stopped for about ten minutes in the middle of this turn up to reflect. You know that strange moment of non-sober clarity .

As a real adult, these moments will come less frequently. I won’t be able to get drunk as hell and swindle my way on to stages at the club. I’m sure it’s not professional to jump on couches in the middle of VIP. Staying up till 5am? Will I still have the energy?

I can’t think about that now. Right now, I’m at the club partying for my best friend’s 22nd birthday and on my 3rd drink and shot number 5 maybe? I’m definitely going have to edit this tomorrow.

School’s almost over and so is this party…




P.S. I definitely had to edit this. ha!


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