The Last 30 Days: Day 1

Senior Photo
Senior Photo



Woke up this morning and thought I’d have some overwhelming feeling of optimism.

I was so wrong. All I was, was tired. I barely slept last night because I had to get my hair done for the big moment.

I got to graduation on time, which was only possible because my brother’s drove and they drive a million miles per hour (runs in the family). There was no rehearsal prior to today so pretty much everyone just stood around waiting for directions and taking pictures. I just sat down…

My phone was dead.

When we were lined up in the tunnel, I noticed one guy who was so hype. Like unbelievably hype. He was dancing and talking to everyone. He had to chill, but of course he didn’t. He had four plus years to be social, now is the time to shut up and listen to your final undergraduate lecture.

Surprisingly, the ceremony was short. The speeches were about social media presence or something. I tuned out and started looking at the top of people’s caps…Why didn’t I decorate my cap?

I love my school’s President, she is so sweet and her gray hair looks amazing on her. She spoke too, but I have no idea about what.
It was my turn to walk across stage and honestly, it happened so fast I thought I missed it. By the time I sat down, I was ready to walk again. The only thing I remember is having to tell the lady how to say my name like 4-5 times.

That was annoying.

Anyway, after graduation my parents wanted to have a big fancy dinner, somewhere special. I just wanted McDonald’s, so to McDonald’s we went. I got into the biggest argument with the manager of the restaurant because she was being so disrespectful to my family. Her customer service skills were the absolute worst. Fuck Rosie (That’s the manager).

I wanted to nap at this point, but then came in ALL the calls from family I never even heard of.

First thing I did when I got home? Went out for a drink at TGIFridays.

Graduation was stressful and I just had my last two finals yesterday so I haven’t really had a break.

Nothing even feels different. I feel like I should feel something. I think I was waiting for the moment with too high expectations.

If I learned or had any sort of epiphany today, it was definitely from my McDonald’s experience. Less than an hour after graduating I was faced with unnecessary bullshit. A clear warning sign of the fuck shit that life will surely bring.

I look forward to my bright future. That isn’t sarcasm. It was a really sunny day.



Before the Ceremony
Before the Ceremony
TIRED After The Ceremony
TIRED After The Ceremony

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