Graduation Curse

Graduation is the time in which most people celebrate an academic milestone. It’s the time where most people spend time reflecting on all the wonderful times they have in school and all the friends they’ve made. It’s seems to be the popular tradition.

I’m a little different. Instead of celebrating and reminiscing and spending final moments having fun, I’m usually spending time trying to figure out why my life is spiraling downhill.

That was dramatic.

But really, graduation is the ultimate transitioning time for me. It is for everyone but while most people plan their next step, I’m usually busy trying to solve a social crisis.

I’ve graduated 4 times in my life now; Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and College. Each time graduation season rolls around, a falling out tends to occur in my friend circle. I don’t know why. It just happens and I’m stuck with my least favorite task of burning bridges and kicking fools to the crib or just being left alone. These events have also become increasingly worse during each stage of progression.

Let me provide you guys with a break down.

Elementary School

My elementary school in Maryland stopped at 6th grade. It was already hard to keep in touch with people because I no longer lived in the neighborhood that surrounded the school. My best friend at the time had started dating boys and I wasn’t really into that life, so I ended up spending a lot of days alone in my new house. I met some other new friends that summer though, which was cool and filled the void of not being able to hang out with the close friends I already had. Now, this doesn’t seem that bad, but friends were a big deal to me back in the day because I never had anyone at home.

Middle School

By the end of middle school I had a whole new group of friends from my neighborhood who I hung out with all the time especially during the summer. I hadn’t really been hanging out with my old best friend because after elementary school our personalities really started to differ. Anyway the summer after middle school, my mother had this bright idea to hold my ass hostage at her hair salon ALL OF THE TIME. Like she would never let me play outside or hang out period. She said I needed to work and be responsible. Maybe I did, but seriously EVERYDAY?! I was 12. Needless to say I lost the relationships I had built because of her actions leaving me feeling isolated once again. They would come knocking at the door to see if I could come outside and I’d never be home. I was miserable and who knows what adventures I missed out while I was slaving away at my mother’s job. I still speak to the people in my neighborhood, but we’re definitely not  close.

High School

I don’t really want to talk about this one because we have moved way on from it and these girls are my very best friends still today and they may read this. Long story short a bunch of lies and rumors were spread about me throughout my friend circle and it just went on to show that even the people you love have the ability to change up on you. We didn’t talk again really until college, a few of them I still don’t talk to. Moral of story: Don’t lie on my name.


Very recently, some big wild shit happened in my friend circle and I STILL don’t know who to trust, but I know who I’m not fucking with. From High School to College I had a boy friend of almost 4 years. Everyone knew and we even lived together. In this particular group of friends we call each other family and always go on slight vacations during the summer together. Long story short my ex-boyfriend girlfriend and I broke up about 2 years ago, but we still talk from time to time because after such an intimate relationship for some reason we couldn’t let go. You know the whole back-and-forth thing (THAT SHIT DEAD NOW). Well after not talking for a long time, this year we (low-key) reconnected and come to find out, he was having sexual relations with one of the members of the so-called “family”. Someone is going to be highly upset after they read this but IDGAF to completely honest.  This blog is not about vengeance or even venting, it’s about my curse. Anyway, these encounters had been going on for a while and no one told me and I found out the hard way. I was mad, but I’ve been more upset in the past. This is just another occurrence that signifies the need for social transition.

My point is that Graduation for me is more than just celebrating academic accomplishments, it is the time where at least socially I find out who my real friends are. It’s the time I decide who will be taking the next steps of life with me and who will be left behind.

I shouldn’t call it a curse. Really it’s a blessing because some people never get to see the snakes in their garden. I, however, not only see them, but also have the power to exterminate them.

It’s like spring cleaning.We should all clear out our friend closets regularly, you never know what you will find…




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