Relationship Checklist

We need to have standards. Realistic Ones. We need to stop settling, but be willing to compromise. There is no perfect partner. We all have flaws, but we still need to know what we want.

I want:

  • Someone who makes me happy and I can make them happy as well.
  • Someone who has goals and is working to achieve them.
  • Someone who sees my potential and motivates me to achieve it. The same way I’d do for them.
  • Someone who makes mistakes but is man enough to accept responsibility for them

I don’t want to have to tip-toe around anymore. I’ve done that.

I want:

  • Someone who is honest and values my opinion.
  • Someone who is comfortable enough to discuss issues without an audience and real enough to say we had enough instead of playing games.

I have never been the type to chase someone and if I like you, I won’t make you chase me.

I want:

  • Someone who is C O N S I S T E N T. This should have been first.
  • Someone who tries as much as I do. In life and Our relationship.
  • Someone who is worth my time and won’t waste it.
  • Someone who, if I slip or they slip, we help each other up rather than just leave them there.

I want someone who knows what they want.

I’m looking for a friend more than I am looking for a lover.

Relationships can come later.

Love can come later.

We just have to know what we want.

What do YOU want?





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