The Art of Dickmatism (Part 1)

20140217-132641.jpgCracking the code of one most mystifying forms of persuasion.

This post is not actually about Dick or sex or whatever. This is a creative writing piece that is written in a format similar to a research paper.


Let me begin by clearly stating that dickmatism is a serious issue in today’s society. It is, in most cases, a temporary state of insanity in which women act foolishly in pursuing men with an almost trance-like disposition. Although EVERY woman will experience this terrible illness at least once in their lifetime, 2/5 women will never recover and sadly continue the cycle for their entire lifetime.

This article seeks to demystify the art of dickmatism and in order to do so we must understand the following terms:

  • Dickmatism– a type of hypnosis; often used to confuse, influence, and/or con women into performing  ridiculous tasks and/or behaving in a senseless manner for “ain’t shit” men.
  • Dickmatist– the epitome of the “ain’t shit” man; known to be dangerously skilled in dickmatism and will use it to the fullest extent in order to achieve personal gain. Sexually, mental, material, or otherwise.
  • Dickmatee– victim of Dickmatism

There are 3 stages associated with victims of  Dickmatism:

  1. Unconscious dickmatee

  2. Conscious dickmatee

  3. Recovered dickmatee


Before I truly present to you the findings of my study, I would first like to offer a brief history of the origin of this dangerous mental state. The idea of dickmatism is not new, however, the term was not founded until about mid 2013 during a discussion between a colleague and myself. Dickmatism has been around for hundreds of years and goes by other names such as playing, exploitation, or manipulation of the female mind when in a relationship.

We see Dickmatism play out in many historic events. One of the most popular examples used by experts in this field is the story of Henry the 8th and his six wives. You may be familiar with the mnemonic device:

“ King Henry the Eighth, to six wives he was wedded. One died, one survived,

 two divorced, two beheaded.”

Let’s focus on the “two divorced”, which was actually four divorced because the two beheaded wives were also “divorced” and then killed. The young King Henry VIII was a master dickmatist. He used his status and looks to entice women. Once he got there attention, he kept it by selling them dreams such as promising riches, marriage, and a long happy life with him. Although all of the wives are considered Dickmatees, the most extreme cases were Anne Boelyn and Catherine Howard, (King’s 2nd and 5th wives, respectively) who were put to death for false accusations of treason and adultery. The two women were first cousins and after acceptance into the King’s court they  found that the  King was not the phenomenal man he originally portrayed himself to be. He had several mistresses whom he used for different purposes and the promises he made his wives were never truly fulfilled. As Queens, the  women addressed his infidelity and their displeasure in the relationship. King Henry VIII recognizing that these women were smarter than he first  thought and not willing to deal with the potential “headache”, he had the marriages annulled. After their marriages, the women sought to expose King Henry VIiI ‘s true character, but before they could the King heard of their plot and had them executed on the previously stated false charges.

If you notice, King Henry VIII ain’t shit.

First of all, these women were cousins. He was building relationships with both and  unknowingly to each woman. He promised them the same things only for them to find out much later  that he would actually give and leave them with nothing. Once his reputation was in danger, he did everything in his power to make sure his identity as a dickmatist remained undiscovered to the public or other women, even if that meant taking innocent lives.  Men of this art are known for doing the unthinkable in order to cover up their own disgusting, discreditable acts.

Dickmatism also has resulted in women turning against each other. I’m talking deeper than the Baby Momma vs. New Girl modern day battle.

In the days of Ancient Greece, we see dickmatism in the story of Medusa. Medusa was a beautiful fair maiden, who was drawn in by the exceptional charms of Lord of the Sea,  Poseidon. Poseidon subdued Medusa and influenced her to engage in intercourse while she was paying respects to the goddess Athena in her temple. Outraged by the blatant disrespect (jealousy had a role as well), Athena turned Medusa into a monster. The once most lusted after maiden, was now reduced to one of the most vile creatures in history.

To put this in a more  modern day perspective. Poseidon and Athena were essentially a couple. One day Poseidon sees Medusa out and pursues her. Medusa is unaware of Poseidon’s relationship with Athena, so she entertains him thinking he’s a quality man.  After a few weeks, Poseidon invites Medusa over to Athena’s house where he doesn’t pay a single bill and had sex with her. He got caught by his girl, Athena, during the act  and instead of Athena being mad at Poseidon she takes her anger out on Medusa and starts a rumor that Medusa is a whore/homewrecker. No real man wants to be with a women with that reputation, leaving Medusa lonely and bitter. She wandered the Earth abusing men as a way to show revenge for what Poseidon had done to her.

Had the Queens, Medusa and Athena been educated in the dangers dickmatism had on their hearts, reputations and lives, there is no doubt that their stories would have ended more positively.

Today’s practice Dickmatism isn’t as extreme as these historic events.

The present day woman is not exempt from dickmatism because most women are not knowledgeable in this subject area, leaving them vulnerable. Everyday, at any given moment, there is a woman who is chauffeuring her man and his friends around,  paying a man’s phone bill, buying him clothes, having sex etc. Generally just wasting her time and money on an individual who has no intentions of being in a relationship with her and if they are in a relationship, he has no intentions of making a life with her. The women are serving a temporary purpose for these men and once the men have used them to their fullest potential, they move on to the next naive candidate. The Dickmatist pretends to be caring and attentive to their victims in order to influence the  performance of the previously stated services. Because of the outstanding committment Dickmatist have in portraying a quality man, woman often are fooled and feel justified in performing certain actions. For example, “he bought me this so I should do that” or “he said he loves me so…” or “I met his mom therefore he cares”, etc.

There are so many methods a Dickmatist will use to attract Dickmatees. Too many to even begin to discuss. However, the most common method is false honesty. False honesty occurs when the Dickmatist tells the Dickmatee upfront that “they aren’t looking for a relationship”, but treats the Dickmatee as though they are in a relationship. This can be confusing for the victim because they feel as though they are emotionally connected, when the Dickmatist is only physically connected. At this point the victim is usually suffering from misalignment of the the brain and heart because they hear the words but the development of feelings is inevitable.

In the next section, I will discuss the stages of Dickmatism and how to identify a Dickmatist.

(See Part 2 for the discussion and conclusion of this study will be published on  2/18)



DISCLAIMER: This is just a creative writing project. None of the “facts” in this post are actually facts.


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