The Art of Dickmatism (Part 2)

Part two on Cracking the code of one most mystifying forms of persuasion.

Yesterday’s post introduced the concept of Dickmatism and briefly discussed the history of the term as well as the practice of the art. Today’s post will focus on the stages associated with being a victim of Dickmatism and  how to overcome these stages.


Dickmatism affects 99.9% of women in their lifetime. Most recover, however, many never will due to poor choices in men and lack of knowledge in the study of Dickmatism. There are stages to being a Dickmatee (from entry to recovery)  and levels within each stage. In the introduction of this paper, the three main stages were vaguely listed and in this section an overview of each major stage will be given in order to provide a guide for Dickmatee development.

The three stages associated with being a Dickmatee are the following:

  1. Unconscious Dickmatee

  2. Conscious Dickmatee

  3. Recovered Dickmatee

Dickmatee Stages of Dickmatism

The Unconscious Dickmatee

The first stage and most dangerous stage of  being a victim  is referred to as the unconcious stage. Unconscious Dickmatees are the victims who are extremely oblivious to all of the bullshit that they are being spoon fed by the Dickmatist. During the unconscious stage, victims cannot be helped and as a result about 10% of women will never make it pass this stage.

Think of someone you know or even yourself. When you first begin dating, majority of the time you only see the good in your new  partner; they seem flawless. Even if there are mild warning signs of Dickmatism, they are overlooked because they seem to be outweighed by other positive actions or words performed by the Dickmatist. At this point the Dickmatist has complete control. Anything they say will be believed by the victim. Friends or colleagues of the Dickmatee may try to reason with the victim, however, because the victim is deeply entranced they cannot  see “the hole behind the portrait” that has been  painted by the Dickmatist.

A woman in this stage will be at the beckoning call of her “man”. Anything he needs no matter how ridiculous she’ll be there. For example, It could be  3:00am on a Tuesday morning and he needs a ride from Westbubbafuck Mall. The Unconscious Dickmatee  will get up from sleep and pick him up, without even questioning what he was doing stranded at a Mall in the first place, especially when it closed at 9:30pm. She believes the weak excuses he gives and makes excuses for his behavior. She can call his phone and it will ring all the way to the answering machine, but if he says his phone was off, she will believe his phone was off. Her day job could be at AT&T and she will still believe this BULLSHIT.

I digress. These women are fools  and it is partially their fault for not listening to advice and/or ignoring obvious Dickmatism signals. Their favorite quotes may  include the following:

“He said he cheated on his last girl but said he won’t cheat on me”

“I know he loves me. Sometimes he doesn’t know how to show it”

“That’s just his baby mother, I’m Wifey.”

If you’re confused by these quotes  that’s a  good sign. If not, you maybe the individual this was reposted from.

The Conscious Dickmatee

The second stage of being a Dickmatee is the conscious stage. Women in this stage  have “seen the light”, but  refuse to go to it and fear what it may reveal. They see the warning signs, have addressed them but choose to stay under the Dickmatistic trance. Women in this stage still make excuses for the Dickmatists behavior, but unlike stage one, they know that they are being bullshitted. In this stage they are still hopeful that the Dickmatist will eventually fall in true love with them. This is most likely because they  fear  being alone.

This is the stage in which misalignment of heart and brain take place. The brain is providing reason and evidence as to why the victim should leave the situation. They begin to notice, for example, the disappearances of the Dickmatist aren’t really justified or that when they go out the victim is always paying or the Dickmatist doesn’t invite her out of casual outings with friends, ever. Conscious Dickmatees see and can identify  the patterns of inconsistency that the Dickmatist has been exhibiting, but are unable to understand. With all this evidence being made apparent you would think it was enough for the victim to come out of hypnosis completely but that is NOT the case. The heart has made an emotionally connection to the Dickmatist. The stronger the attachment the harder it is to disconnect. The 55% of women who fail to disconnect their feelings and pay attention to the hard facts , such as infidelity, lack of interest expressed and other inconsistent behaviors displayed by the Dickmatist,  are left to a life of continuous confusion.

Women who are  conscious of Dickmatism experience short periods of high satisfaction and longer periods of dissatisfaction in their relationships. The stress from the emotional rollercoaster can have serious negative effects on mood, ability to socialize, and overall sanity. In extreme cases physical health can also be affected. Even if a Conscious Dickmatee has managed to be released from hypnosis, they run the risk of returning to this stage or even stage one in future relationships because they aren’t able to completely comprehend the intricate science of Dickmatism. An example of these women are those of us who make the mistake of dating the same type of man or constantly going blindly into love by being too trusting of new  partners.

The Recovered Dickmatee

The stage of the recovered Dickmatee is also referred to as the purification stage. Women in this phase have been completely enlightened. At this point, they have addressed the Dickmatist and that they are unsatisfied with the inconsistencies in their relationship. If the Dickmatist’s behavior doesn’t change, they leave the relationship in hopes of finding better. They have not “given up” on love, they just choose to look elsewhere.  They recognize that they have been Dickmatized and are changing flaws in their love style, such as being fully committed too early or before a Dickmatist shows true interest. They purge themselves and their  lives of things that emotionally connect them to their Dickmatist. Women in this stage know their worth , know what they want (See Previous Post About Relationship Checklists) and do not settle for less than what they are willing to put into a relationship.   35% of women are smart/strong enough to reach this stage and are less likely to return to the mental suffering that is Dickmatism. They are generally happy with the lives they lead and are better able to identify quality men in dating situations.

The section will discuss the Dickmatist and how they can be identified.

(Part Three Will Be Published On 2/19 @6:15pm)


DISCLAIMER: This is just a creative writing project. None of the “facts” in this post are actually facts.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Dickmatism (Part 2)

  1. “He said he cheated on his last girl but said he won’t cheat on me”

    “I know he loves me. Sometimes he doesn’t know how to show it”

    “That’s just his baby mother, I’m Wifey.”

    If you’re confused by these quotes that’s a good sign. If not, you maybe the individual this was reposted from. <—–Yassssss! This whole "dickmatism" essay series is giving me everything right now! To be quite honest, everything you're talking about is so characteristic of the Black women on TV today. Everything from reality TV to Being Mary Jane. This is good, I'm a fan.


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