The Art of Dickmatism (Part 3)

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Part three on Cracking the code of one most mystifying forms of persuasion.

The last post on Dickmatism focused on the stages associated with being a victim of Dickmatism and  how to overcome those stages. Today’s post will discuss the different levels of being a Dickmatist and how they can be identified.


Just like every women will at some point be a Dickmatee, every man will use some form of Dickmatism in his lifetime. Dickmatist use Dickmatism for a variety of different reasons and each Dickmatist may use a slightly different approach to seduce victims. Dickmatism can be used to obtain mental control, physical action, or just female attention period. Although there isn’t a specific look or appearance that Dickmatists have, there are some common behavioral signs.

Top 6 Most Common Behavior Signs of Dickmatist

  1. You’re ALWAYS paying. Bills, dates, food, gum etc. There’s nothing wrong with treating your partner, however, the outing being on your tab should not be a requirement to enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Cell Phone Curve. No one wants anyone all up in their phones, tablets, emails, etc. and you probably don’t want to know who he’s texting or calling anyway, but when they make it obvious by covering their screens like they have all of life’s answers stored away in iCloud, you have wonder.
  3. Inconsistent communication. Some days you’re best friends and other days you’re strangers. They only speak to you when it’s convenient for them.
  4. Actions and words don’t coincide. When you guys do talk, he speaks like Romeo, but acts like Stevie J.
  5. They call you to “hang out” or “chill”, however they end up requesting you to doing one of two things:

a. Smashing (sexual activities)

b. Running errands, house chores, cooking, etc. for them.

6. You are never around his family or friends, always solo moves. This is a general warning but this       has gotten complicated. Sometimes Dickmatist will invite you home and around close family             members, just to make you feel comfortable and ease you into becoming a Dickmatee.

Levels of Dickmatism

Every Dickmatist’s technique is different and there are levels to mastering Dickmatism. From Novice to Expert, the key to successful Dickmatism is for the Dickmatist to get in your head and out before you knew they were there.


The most basic level of Dickmatism. People master this level at ages as low as 12. This is just getting a female to notice you. Whether you’re attractive or not, they could give you a certain look, stare in your eyes, the corny pick up line that makes you laugh, etc. Anything to get you hooked even for a second. If a Dickmatist stays at this level they are harmless. They mostly just want to show interest in you or see if they can catch your attention just for the hell of it. The old “catch & release”.


This level of Dickmatism is much more intentional. They have the corny stuff down and moved on to image. Dickmatist at this level are actively developing acting skills. They work to promote the “good guy” image (some of them may be good guys) and make you feel guilty if you doubt it. They want your trust. Trust is a point of vulnerability, they know it, they want it, and they will use it. At this level they know how to manipulate. Simple stuff, like getting you to pay for things of low to medium cost; food, maybe some clothing. They give you things too, but not more than you give them. Just enough to make you think things like “well he did pay for my nails last week” or “ he does always make sure my car is up-to-date on check ups”.


If you encounter a true expert Dickmatist, you are definitely SOL. They have mastered both, the novice and intermediate levels, and have customized the skill to fit their lifestyle and goals. These men can influence women to pay for dates, vacations, car notes, the water bill, his wife’s Mercedes, etc. These men are extremely convincing. They could do something blatantly disrespectful and flip it, so it seems as if it is you that is in the wrong. The stay away for the hoodrats, whores, and the simple-minded. They want a challenge. They are in search of women with jobs, money and goals.

Leeches with a taste for a special blood type; Type A, for Ambition.

They know that these women can provide year-round, and they want to be nurtured. These men are usually all-around educated and successful or educated and successful in the art of Dickmatism.

There are two types of experts the humble and the cocky.

The humble expert checks up on you, making sure you are doing well. Giving off the noble, good man vibe. He has accomplished much but doesn’t brag because his real goal is to captivate you and your mind.

The cocky expert  can also be accomplished, but he will tell you about you and himself. Before you can say he’s a good catch, he’s already given you 10 reasons why he is. He’s not going to chase you and he makes that apparent so you feel like you have to work for him.


What a Dickmatist does to a Dickmatee is also based on the Dickmatee’s competence. A stage one Dickmatee can fall for a Novice Dickmatist, thinking they are an expert. Meanwhile a recovered Dickmatee will see them for what they really are… a Novice.

Once a Dickmatist, NOT always a Dickmatist. This means that every man, although they may have been a Dickmatist in the past, they are fully capable of suspending their talents long enough to find real love. One woman’s Dickmatist can be another’ s committed partner, boyfriend, husband, etc. This mostly depends on the man’s current view on life. Is he finished playing around? Are you the woman for him? Is he actually ready to settle down?

Although it may seem unfair and that the decision seems more heavily weighted in one partner’s direction, you can’t rush anyone to be ready to commit to you. In fact, that is setting yourself up to be Dickmatized and the cycle continues.

Love is tricky and sometimes as females we get caught up in its trap. That’s okay. Nothing to be truly embarrassed about, as long as you take the lessons learned and apply them to your next lust encounter. Not every man is a Dickmatist, but being a minor skeptic in the pursuit of a relationship is helpful in weeding out the ones who are. Women aren’t innocent either, but that’s a whole other discussion.

The research presented in this three part article has mainly presented the negative side of Dickmatism. To be completely fair, Dickmatism can be use in a positive light and can result in an even more positive outcome. It really just depends on the Dickmatist’s intentions. Further study must be conducted, but there are at least two sides to Dickmatism.


DISCLAIMER: This is just a creative writing project. None of the “facts” in this post are actually facts.

P.S. In the future, I plan on writing more about Dickmatism so check back for updates! Thanks for reading! Follow Me on Twitter @omgjenneh!


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  1. article is quite interesting and hopefully true happiness rays began to warm the hearts of us all, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂


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