Being an Unemployed Alumni

It’s been almost 3 months since I graduated from Undergrad and still no sign of employment. My story is common. Thousands of students have graduated from Top ranked schools with the highest of high GPAs and employment just seems unattainable. It’s not like they’re not out there looking, jobs are just hard to find.

Every morning, I wake up and head straight to my computer (after bathing and teeth brushing of course). I hit all the popular sites washingtonpostjobs, indeed, idealist, etc. and begin my search. I try to apply to a minimum of 3 jobs a day, with high hopes of someday being employed. I apply to many different types of positions, such as administrative, customer service, media, communications etc. Still no sign of employment. I’ve applied to so many I’ve lost count!

I know what you’re thinking..

Maybe it’s your resume or your cover letter isn’t strong enough.

WRONG! (well actually I’m not sure.) I have had over 10 people, including professors and writing professionals look over both documents several times. I’m constantly changing things and adding skills, but after a while it’s just depressing.

I tell everyone I’m unemployed in hopes of getting an offer because I know that several companies don’t post job ads, but hire within or through recommendation. I’m usually shy, but I have definitely improved my networking skills in order to seek out new job opportunities.

Even though it has only been 2 months, it’s been rough, The pressure from family and family friends seems overbearing because they all have high expectations for me. I’m afraid I won’t meet them. I’m thankful for the support and all but asking me “Do you have a job yet?”, like an anxious kid on long car rides, is definitely not helping.

I try to stay positive and do activities like blogging and making videos in order to pass the time, but it’s really hard not to be frustrated.I spent all that money on my education, is it wrong for me to expect a return on investment?

I’m not desperate as of yet but I’m debating if I should post my resume on here…

Anyway, Check out my YouTube Video on my life as an unemployed alumni.

Good Luck to those of you, who are like me and still looking!




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