Exploring D.C. -The Smithsonian (Pictures)


Last week Thursday (3/21/14), I decided to take a trip to Washington, D.C. and visit some of the more popular sites. My friend Jenaee and I  visited the Smithsonian/National Mall which has several free museums and attractions for tourists to enjoy.  We only got to visit 2 museums, the Hishorn Museum and Sculpture Gallery and the National Museum of American History, both were free and had really cool exhibits.

Riding the Metro

Best way to get around D.C. is the definitely the metro. You can get almost anywhere in the D.C. Metropolitan area by the train system. It goes from Maryland to Virginia and everywhere in between.


We got to the metro station at about 1 O’clock, we meant to leave earlier, but we had gone to the bar the night before so it didn’t work out too well. I hadn’t ridden the metro in sooo long (since high school maybe), it felt weird. I kind of forgot how to get a farecard, so Jenaee handled that.

Foggy-Bottom GWU


We missed our stop at the national mall which turned out to be a good thing because we were hungry so we got off at Foggy Bottom which is pretty much in the middle of George Washington University.


Roti was so good! My first time eating there, I got the pita pocket with chicken kabob, onions, humus, tomatoes, and some creamy garlic sauce stuff. Jenaee got the plate with the other type of chicken, humus, couscous, and vegetables. We ate outside on the patio, which was cool because it was a nice day, but the wind kept blowing the wrapper for my pita which was annoying. So avoid the pita on windy days guys.   It was weird hearing GWU students yelling out to their professors from the restaurant, but I guess I’m not used to casually seeing my professor walking down the street. The difference between attending college in the city and college towns.

I knew where we were after we missed the stop, but if you aren’t from here it’s not a big deal because the metro is relatively easy to navigate. If you miss your stop you just get back on the other side to go in the opposite direction. So simple!

The National Mall


Getting out of the Smithsonian metro station, to your left is the Monument, and to the right is the Capitol Building. Very historic stuff Ladies and Gentleman. Also on the land is the Smithsonian Castle, a carousel, a bunch of sculptures, and more. The locals are jogging and the tourists are taking pictures, and some unique people were playing kick ball.


We stopped for random pictures. Don’t touch the sculptures, I think. We did this before we read the signs.

Hishorn Museum and Sculpture Galley


First museum stop. We could only take pictures on the first floor, but inside there is so much cool stuff I can’t even begin to describe.

More Walking on the National Mall


Sculptures, Fire trucks and food trucks. And on a good day you may see us acting a fool.


The National Museum of American History


You can literally spend hours here… and we did. Reason we only went to two museums. BTW city birds do not give a single fuxk. Entering first thing you see is the metal American flag. Kind of cool.


Museum Displays! These weren’t in an exhibit. Located randomly around the museum.


Ride Simulators! They are kind of cool, but NOT worth the $7.00. Maybe, if I were a wimpy kid. Look at the dry ass graphics lol.


Ran into familiar faces on purpose. Naode and Rodgie, Frostburg friends that work at the museum.


The African American Culture gallery was a small exhibit with two sides. go left for 150 years ago and go right for 50 years ago. The exhibit has President Lincoln’s actual suit on display.


Camilla’s purse that held all of her family documents during the time of the Holocaust was held here. Exhibit includes family photos as well. I liked how it was set up like a house.


FOOD! Had to stop here lol. I was pressed. They took Julia Child’s kitchen out of her home! You can also see the first TV dinners and progression of the to go cup.


General Motors Transportation was really cool. All of the statues were so detailed, right down to the horse shit.


Last but NOT least First Lady Dresses! Michelle Obama’s most recent inaugural dress was on display right in the center. Some of the dresses were hideous actually even for their time period. These are the nicer ones.


The Monument Building slightly before sunset.

So that about complete’s our trip. I’ll definitely be going back to see more museums. I learned so much and had so much fun! Good for dates and family outings, I think. You’ll definitely be walking A LOT so wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Food at the Smithsonian is also pricey so pack food or hop on the metro and eat elsewhere, like we did.







2 thoughts on “Exploring D.C. -The Smithsonian (Pictures)

  1. Love it!! The first time I rode our train after many, many years I was confused too! LOL
    I’ve been to DC twice and I loved visiting the museums! So much history!!


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