WTF March!?

Extra late, but whatever. March 2014 has been crazy in terms of news coverage. Endless strange occurrences. These are a few new stories that I followed and found interesting.

1. Owls get free healthcare.

I love animals. I do. In late January, a rare snowy owl was hit by a bus and found injured in Washington, D.C. The owl was sent to the National Zoo for examination and rehabilitation. Last month the bird was moved toThe Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota to see a specialist about it’s damaged feathers. This bird is unique, but you know what’s also unique? … People. That’s right people. However, thousands do not have health insurance, but this special little bird gets F R E E travel, healthcare, and gets to see one of the nation’s top specialist! We should all be owls.

2. Raping of The Elderly

I don’t usually watch the news, but one day between flipping channels I saw a news story about this.  In Riverdale, MD a 95 year-old woman was raped in her own house and is now (along with the police) looking for her attacker. This story was so bizarre to me. I know MILFs are a thing but who looks at Grandmas like that? When I see elderly women, I think of yummy family dinners and homemade desserts, NOT “Her ass looks good in those depends”. I Googled the story and apparently there are a couple of cases this year alone in which men in various states have sexually assaulted the elderly in nursing homes, in their homes, on the street, etc. One woman even had an intellectual disability!  The police released a sketch of the Riverdale attacker in March. People are sick.

3. New SAT

When I took the SAT in high school, I don’t think it was bad. I think I got a 1600-something and I didn’t study. I know people who did study and got amazing, near perfect scores. Anyway, according to College Board, in Spring 2016 the SAT will be returning to the 1600 scale and questions will be redesigned to include “relevant” words in context. In addition, the penalty for getting answers will be removed. The official College Board site states, “This move to rights-only scoring encourages students to give the best answer they have to every problem.” This is so wrong. If I were a student and someone told me that my wrong answers wouldn’t effect my grade…I would give even less fucks about this standardized test. In 2012, the United States had seen a significant drop in international education rankings international education rankings released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.  I think kids are becoming weak in the education department and these sort of changes in the education system are encouraging children to be less interested in learning. By making the SAT easier we are just crippling the younger generation.

4. Student turns down football scholarship for rap career.

I’m all about following your dreams, just be smart in making drastic decisions. Kanye and Common are two examples of  successful hip-hop artists that chose their career over a college degree. Jay Harris is a college senior who up until recently was headed to Michigan State to play football on a full collegiate scholarship. Jay Harris, who goes by Jay DatBull, reportedly said something along the lines of college will always be there and the decision was his. Yeah, well that scholarship won’t. He has a unique opportunity that many would’ve died for and to throw it all away just seems too risky. It’s too late, but I would’ve recommended that he at least try to pursue an education AND work on his rap career simultaneously. But, I mean,  all these blog reports have contributed in publicizing his music career and he does have a good following on social media and YouTube, so I wish him the best. His mixtape drops June 1st. 

5. Student gets into 8 ivy league schools.

You go Kwasi Enin! This 17 year-old, first generation American student from New York has gotten to all eight of the countries top Ivy league institutions. Enin ranks No. 11 in his high school class of 647 and has a SAT score  of 2250 out of 2,400. Enin explains he got the idea to apply to the schools in 10th or 11th grade because they all had qualities he appreciated. Despite the fact that the odds of being accepted to these schools are generally low, he felt compelled to at least try. These are the positive calculated risks that I admire the most about this story.  He wants to pursue both music and medicine. I wonder which one he’s going to choose. 

6. Missing Airplane

Every one knows this story, I don’t feel the need to explain. I just think it’s annoying that the media has changed this serious news story to a reality TV series. It’s gotten out of hand. Stop the theatrics and deliver the news, please.

Honorable Mention

#poormichelle – These gifs and photos are hilarious. Michelle does seem to always get the short of the stick, but she’s far from poor.

New Batman vs Superman Movie- Ben Affleck resigning from the role as Batman and the role being picked up by sexy as fuck, Idris Elba… is false, despite all the rumors. The movie is set to come out May 6, 2016.


Stay safe or be an owl.



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