Defining Loyalty

Defining Loyalty

People love to overuse words and phases, especially those starting with the letter “L”. Language, laws, lie, lead, love, etc. are examples of common words that people overuse without really understanding what these words mean. Another word to add to this list is loyalty.

Recently, this word has come up in a lot of conversations with my peers and in clever quotes on tumblr and instagram. The word is used and misused in so many different contexts and examples that I feel like people don’t even know what the word means. If they do know, then they probably don’t understand it.

So What does loyalty mean?

Google defines loyalty as a noun meaning  “the quality of being loyal to some one or something.”

Very vague definition.
So I then Googled the word “Loyal” and the song “Loyal” by Chris Brown popped up first.
That wasn’t what I was looking for. 
I then went on to search specifically “definition of loyal” and found the following:
  1. giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.
    “he remained loyal to the government”
I couldn’t have defined it better myself (and I didn’t).

The definition is so simple, but really highlights what I believe it means to be loyal.

As a result I became curious about other people in my age group’s opinion of loyalty.

So  I asked a small group of college students (chosen randomly) about what loyalty means to them and also to offer an example of loyal behavior and/or characteristics. I recorded their response in the following video.


Loyalty is actually kind of difficult to define and a lot of people (as you can tell from the interview responses) relate it to romantic relationships. Loyalty, however, can be a very important factor in any type of relationship including family, friends, colleagues, etc.

The purpose of me doing this video project was a result of curiosity and  because of the recent increased popularity and use of the word among my friends and others in my age bracket.

Everyone’s opinion of loyalty is different and that is probably because of individual connotations of the word itself.


What does loyalty mean to you?



P.S. Thanks to everyone who helped me with this video I really appreciate it!


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