Be A Responsible Individual

I can only control my actions, but I am aware that my actions have the ability to affect and influence the action of others.

People are dying and very often.

In America and abroad. The children in Gaza, the youth in Chiraq (Chicago), the men and women of West Africa.

“Everyone is confused. Someone needs to take control of this situation”

Why can’t we be responsible individuals? Why must someone lead you?

The only time unity shows its face is when negativity made it to the party first.

When things are going well we highlight the individual but when something terrible happens we put all of “those” people in the same genre.

The children in Gaza know nothing of politics and neither do I, however they are being targeted because of their government’s actions. Now there are protestors and media coverage from all over the world seeking peace for this area. Where were they when the problem started? Before thousands were left without heartbeats?

I have bills and student loans up to my neck with no sort of employment opportunities in sight. When will they focus on that? After we burn down Sallie Mae or set off bombs in our financial aid offices? Maybe after students realize education stopped meaning financial freedom and revolt on the government?

I’m not saying the two are equal problems. I’m saying, why wait to join hands and solve problems after bloodshed and turmoil occur?

Racism is spiraling out of hand again in this country. Ferguson, MO is rioting in their own neighborhood. I’m sure there were racial issues prior to the death of Mike Brown. Maybe if we did this in Florida people would still remember Trayvon.

People are paying attention because the worst kind of noise is being made… Cries.

Cries for help.
Cries for justice.
Cries for peace.
Cries for unity.

If an individual is responsible for their success, they are also responsible for the success of their communities. If individuals are held accountable for their failures, they should be held accountable for the failures of their community.

Civic Duty-the social and political responsibilities of a citizen

The community isn’t to blame for issues, it’s the individual who brought issues to the community in the first place.

The only way I see any of these world issues being resolved is at the individual level.

If the individual Israeli man decides to not release that bomb today, several lives would be saved. If the officer had chosen to stop after only one shot, Mike Brown could’ve still gone to college.

If we could just fix ourselves as individuals; rid ourselves of injustice, prejudice, and pride prior to negative happenings, we would be able to pin point issues earlier. We would be able unify our countries and community positively before negative actions even get a chance to take place.
The only thing is we, as individuals, first would have to want help, peace, justice and unity.

They tell us when we are kids that we can have anything we set our minds too, maybe we should set our minds on that.

Be a more responsible individual.




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