Who’s leading who?


Why do we continue to stay in inconsistent relationships?

They love us, then leave us, and only to return when they need us again.

Red flags EVERYWHERE, however we are persistent in our pursuit for unhappiness.

That unbelievable significant other makes us listen to lies and then we twist them to believe it’s true.


People put themselves in the middle of a pigsty and pretend that it wasn’t shitty when they got there.

Sometimes that person who you are holding on to, has hinted for you to let go a long time ago.

And there you are loitering in their presence.

You witness the infidelity.
Experience the betrayal.
Endure the blatant disregard for you feelings.

Why are you hurting you?


The oldest saying in the book is
“When someone shows you who they are…believe them.”

Believe that.

Yes, people are manipulative, but the truth always comes out. Be open to receiving it.

Too many times, I’ve seen and heard people blame their significant others for the failure of the relationship because they “led them on”.

No. You knew exactly what and where you were headed. You chose not to stop that sinking ship.

Now you out here with no floaty.

I saw a quote on Instagram that I will slightly modify for you:

“A person that stays down for you after you lie, cheat, and disrespect them over and over again is not loyal… They are weak.” – A wise man

Don’t be weak.

Lead yourself out that fuck shit and into some real shit.

Oh! That wise man… He so wiseee.




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