24. What do you need right now?

Money. Like a lot of it. I just started life and I’m nostrils deep in debt. Mainly because of student loans and trying to get my master’s at one of the most expensive schools in America. Not being able to pay for classes is why I’m not taking any. Imagine my paychecks are water wings and I jumped in to in dangerous river rapids (Rapids= Life)  and when I get close to sharp rocks or cliffs (bills and responsibilities), I close my eyes and if I’m alive when I open them…I just act like nothing happened.

Second thing I need…stable weather. If it’s cold, be cold. If it’s sunny, be sunny.15 degrees

Living in/near D.C., right now, is like:

Morning: Cold as hell.  *grabs winter coat*

End of Morning commute: Almost got in accident because of the sun. *Reminds self, keep shades in the car*

Lunch: It’s actually not that bad. *leaves jacket in office*

47 degreesEnd of Lunch: Should’ve brought that jacket.

Driving home: It’s still light out, Yay! I can still do stuff.

Hour later still driving home because traffic is shit: Dark skies, is that drizzle?

Pull in driveway: Tropical storm, wait…Tsunami…jk. Tornado warning, stay indoors.

Get ready for bed: *Checks weather* 65 degrees tomorrow.

Morning: Cold as hell.  *grabs winter coat*


OVER all of it.



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