9. Name one thing you have lied to yourself about. Why did you do this?

First, I don’t lie to myself… anymore. If I do, it’s probably related to my level of productivity.

For example, I write “to-do” lists all the time. I love crossing tasks off with my red ink pen, because I feel empowered and shit.

More than 80% of the time if it is on a list, I was avoiding the task by writing it on the list.

Procrastination skills: Level 10

I don’t write list because I’m actually trying to do stuff. I mean sometimes I am but usually it goes like this:

*Writes to-do list*

“Damn, I got mad stuff to-do! How?”

…fuvk it.


There’s really no  valid excuse for doing this.

Maybe I just want to seem busy to others? or maybe I want to feel less complacent?

Who knows…




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