91. It has been said, “You are what you eat.” Rewrite the phrase: “You are what you _________.”

“You are what you repeat.

The first time you do something it is possibly an accident. Anything following that is usually a choice. I talk about choices often. I really believe that we have control over a lot of what happens in life and if we continue a certain pattern of choices it defines the type of person we are or have chosen to be “labeled” as. So like let’s say you took something without asking or paying once. You made a poor choice or some can argue it wasn’t a choice, it was an accident. Cool, whatever. BUT if you take things all the time without asking or paying, you are probably a thief because you repeatedly take people’s shit.

Let’s say you cheat on your partner. First time, you could have very well been a victim of circumstance and deserve a second chance and will never do it again. BUT if you keep cheating on your partner. You a fuvking cheater. Period.

This doesn’t mean people can’t change or make better decisions. It just means that as long as you continue to exhibit a particular behavior, don’t get mad if you’re labeled as such because that is what you have repeatedly presented yourself to be.




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