March Update| 2017 Goals

March is here!

The days are zipping past and it’s time for me to get organized. I didn’t start my year off with any structured goals in my mind and started feeling a little lost mid-February.

I’m back on track now and ready to tackle 2017. First, I started out by deciding on which major themes I’d like to focus on this year. I found that majority of the things I’d like to achieve fell under Career/Professional Development, Finances, Travel, Health & Beauty, and Hobbies & Other. Part two is a work in progress which is figuring out how I’m going to complete all of them. Since I finally have my major objectives somewhat outlined, this month I am focusing on developing detailed strategies and taking initial steps to accomplish each goal.

Have you started on your 2017 goals yet? If so, how are they coming along?

If not (and even if you have), check out some of my #2017Goals below! Maybe you’ll feel a bit more inspired to get the ball rolling.



Career/Professional Development

  • Raise, promotion, or new position in a different industry.
  • Apply to and start new graduate program.
  • Do more freelance work.


  • Clear immediate debt (Student Loans are forever).
  • Create second source of income.
  • Develop budget/savings plan.

Health & Beauty

  • Braces (Will this finally be the year?).
  • Clear skin (ability to glow with and without highlight).
  • Improve overall fitness.


  • One foreign country
  • Four different states
  • One convention/conference (work or non-work related)
  • Festivals! (at LEAST two)

Hobbies & Other

  • Photography course?
  • Learn to create vector images.
  • Learn Spanish.
  • Brush up on HTML.
  • Blog redesign and develop a style guide.



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