103. Periodically we have tension build up in our lives that requires a release of some kind. Some people cry: others punch; some find a creative outlet. What is you release?

When tension builds up, I just leave.

Avoidance, I admit, is not the best conflict management approach, but my other approach is usually yelling which from my experience is usually more damaging than spending time away from the issue.

If something or someone is truly stressing me, I physically, mentally and emotionally “abort mission”.

I’ll do something else, leave that space, tell the person I need space or stop communicating with them. I eventually revisit the issue when my mind is more clear and have processed what happened and hopefully have a solution or realize it wasn’t worth stressing over. I’ll go on a drive, a walk, sometimes paint or color for a mental escape. Anything to not be hung up on the subject for at least a little while, completely purge my being/ surroundings of anything related to the problem if possible until I feel like it. I don’t make dramatic exits in most instances, but I just be trying to get the finnuck.

Sometimes you just have to take a detour from real life and then come back fresh.




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