72. If your house was on fire, what would you grab before escaping?

img_2921I would grab my photo album and the memorabilia I keep of my brother. I think everything else I have can be replaced.
When I was a kid, my house actually caught on fire and we had this pet rabbit. My oldest brother got me and my other brother out of the house, but didn’t get the rabbit. Luckily the rabbit, was saved by the firefighters. It ended up being blind in one eye because of all the smoke or something.

Anyway, all I remember is people kept saying, “poor rabbit” “you guys should’ve made sure to grab him” “how could you forget the rabbit!?”, as if we weren’t fleeing for our own lives.

With that being said…

I guess I’ll grab Kyle too, but the rabbit was in a cage. Kyle should be smart enough to hit ghost when he sees the flames…he runs from everything else.




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